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Wallin Hester is an experienced administrative law practice serving Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.  Multi-jurisdictional disputes, state regulatory appeals, and federal regulatory challenges are all part of the work of Wallin Hester administrative law attorneys.

Our administrative law firm has extensive experience handling contract disputes through litigation, arbitration, and mediation (if desired by the client). The Firm has handled contract disputes involving commercial lease agreements, employment contracts, distributor agreements, construction contracts, sales agreements, service contracts, real estate transactions, trade secrets, copyrights, and non-competition agreements.

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The Need for Arizona Administrative Law Expertise

Coping with the Government Regulatory Burden

Government regulation can impact a company in so many ways. It can affect the structure, the operations, the workforce, and the business model itself.  When disputes arise, a company needs an attorney who can put the matter to rest as quickly as possible.

Anyone who has worked in business knows how difficult it can be to comply with local, state, and federal administrative rules and regulations. This is especially true when government mandates pose a logistical burden for daily operations.  The right business lawyer can help guide your management forward, address the big challenges, reduce exposure, and protect the company's bottom line.

Handling Matters with Strategy and Diligence

Before there is a crisis, strategic business planning with a Wallin Hester administrative lawyer has been shown to reduce the regulatory burden by addressing challenges before they become obstacles to success.  Our administrative law goal is to prevent disputes and to be ready, should they come.

Wallin Hester provides expert guidance and representation when dealing with investigations, grievances, and claims.  We work with Arizona, Utah, and Nevada businesses as well as national and international businesses with interests in these large Western states. Our services cover a broad range of business law issues, and our Arizona law office is always ready to take on a challenge.

Our administrative lawyers regularly represent clients in the appeals process in Arizona. Rest assured, we will vigorously defend your position.  Our background and experience covers everything from banking to real estate law.  We also assist clients who are bidding on government contracts in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and across the Southwest.

Every Wallin Hester lawyer knows much more than government rules and regulations. We are well versed in the real-life application of such statutes. We've written contracts, enforced contracts, and found ways to break contracts. If you hire our firm to be your attorney, you can be sure that we know the points that need to be made and the legal maneuvers that may be necessary for a successful outcome.

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience with many different regulatory agencies.  This includes local departments as well as state regulatory commissions and federal agencies.  Our experience in the legal profession, both in Arizona and elsewhere, ensures we have the resources to untangle regulatory and legal issues. (View lawyer profile.)

From FDIC regulations to local planning board rules, a Wallin Hester administrative lawyer can handle the issue. Our Arizona clients rely on us to assist with due diligence and to protect their legal interests, especially when those interests are in conflict with county, state or federal regulations.

What Our AZ Administrative Law Attorneys Do

Wallin Hester administrative lawyers handle a wide variety of tasks for our law clients. Here is a sample of the types of administrative law issues our legal office handles.

  • Administrative hearings and judicial reviews
  • Bid protests
  • Current compliance audits
  • Updated compliance planning
  • FDIC and other banking rule applications
  • Government procurement compliance issues
  • Government inquiries and subpoenas
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Protection of proprietary information
  • Public records requests for proprietary information
  • SEC compliance
  • Rule challenges and waivers

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