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Wallin Hester is a business and litigation law firm. We pride ourselves on our experience in complex litigation, transactions, and arbitration.

The Firm works with clients to develop mutually beneficial alternative fee arrangements. We have undertaken a number of matters of varying size on contingency or fixed-fee bases. We remain open to such arrangements, believing that they require careful, mutual consideration of the probable effort and outcome, as well as close cooperation between the client and ourselves to realize the potential mutual benefit from sharing the risks of actual efficiency and outcome.

Although we recognize that most cases do and should settle, we believe the best results occur when lawyers and clients form a team that assumes the matter will be taken to trial. This approach is beneficial in two ways. First, trial lawyers get better trial results. By assuming that every case will be tried, trial lawyers do not get caught unprepared when a trial is set. Second, trial lawyers get better settlements. Because other law firms are well aware of our trial-oriented philosophy, the Firm and its clients send a clear message at the outset of a case that we are unafraid of trial and that settlement decisions will be guided by sound business considerations, not by the fear of trial.

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The attorneys at Wallin Hester PLC work together on each legal matter to provide the full-service capabilities our clients need for the complex litigation, corporate, contract, intellectual property and other interdisciplinary matters that arise in today's world.