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Choose a Top Banking Law Firm to Handle Your Legal Challenges

Wallin Hester’s banking law practice concentrates on the regulatory and transactional needs of a diverse set of banking and business clients. Our banking attorneys provide timely and cost-effective legal services in connection with commercial loans,  asset-based borrowing, revolving credit, and term loans.

As banking lawyers, we represent clients in multiple phases of a loan transaction, including the initial closing, workout and/or restructuring of delinquent financing, foreclosure of real property and appointment of a receiver. We provide services in the areas of banking litigation, regulatory compliance, loan workouts and other banking transactions. Our seasoned Phoenix lawyers regularly deal with real estate  and  construction issues.

Contact our Phoenix office to schedule an appointment.  You may call us at 480-240-4150 during business hours. For the nearest location and phone number, click here.

An Experienced Banking Lawyer is Your Key to a Successful Outcome

Banking and finance law touches on so much throughout the business world, and it is vital to the creation of new businesses, to mergers and acquisitions, and to the continued success of established commercial entities. A banking attorney may assist with intellectual property rights, protect real estate, open up new avenues of finance for a big project, or establish the legal and financial parameters of a business partnership.

8 Essential Aspects of Finance Law Today

As a banking law firm, Wallin Hester takes on challenges without flinching.  Our clients come to us with a wide range of projects in vast array of business fields.  Still, their requirements often come down to these eight aspects that demand a banking attorney's skills.

  1. Borrowing:  Documented repayment terms can help or hurt a business bottom line .It is essential to have an Arizona attorney who can review or negotiate a business loan agreement. We handle these contracts for clients and for banks, which has helped our lawyer team become better and better at negotiating the best terms.
  2. Restructuring: When a loan is working against a client's interests, our firm can help with restructuring the deal. This may be done preemptively to avoid financial stress, or it may be due to financial losses or even insolvency.  Our AZ attorneys can help you plot the best legal path in any situation.
  3. Project Financing: Borrowing money is a tricky process, and you must have your interests protected. You need a business lawyer who can achieve this, even when you are dealing with a multi-phased project involving many other players, such as other businesses, other banks, government agencies, and the like.  You want to choose a Phoenix law firm with top talent who will work together on your behalf.
  4. Real Estate Acquisition and Development: When ones considers how complicated the mortgage document is for a single home, it is no surprise that a commercial real estate acquisition will require even more complicated legal documentation. The only way to be certain that the terms benefit you is to hire an Arizona banking lawyer with extensive real estate law knowledge. Having an expert to watch out for your legal rights also helps protect your business from fraud.
  5. Acquisition Finance:  Even when the purchase is agreed upon by all parties, acquiring another business is complicated. If every aspect isn’t covered in the original agreements, there can be financial consequences and legal hurdles that could jeopardize the acquisition’s ultimate success.
  6. Leveraged Financing: When you are trying to start an enterprise or grow a business, it can take capital you don’t have. That’s when you need to leverage financing to acquire business assets such as another company, real estate, or critical equipment infrastructure.  Negotiating the best amount and the most favorable terms is a delicate process. Ensuring the final contract matches those negotiations is essential.
  7. Asset-based Borrowing:  Like leveraged financing, asset-based borrowing must be done with great finesse. We handle this for construction firms and many other clients in Arizona, Utah and Nevada.
  8. Insolvency and Bankruptcy: When business troubles lead toward insolvency or bankruptcy, clients need a Phoenix banking attorney that will protect their interests in new banking contracts to address these problems.

The 10 Vital Skills of Banking Lawyers

What makes a good banking lawyer? Banking lawyers must be focused on every aspect from the smallest detail to the big picture. It’s a bonus if you can find Phoenix attorneys like these who are also skilled in banking litigation should the need arise.

These are the capabilities of Wallin Hester, a banking law firm with a proven history of serving bank clients and business leaders. When you need someone to represent your interests in financial transactions or big projects, you can trust Wallin Hester every time.

Our firm excels at the ten vital skills and essential qualities required of a banking attorney in today’s complicated world.

  • Keen eye for detail
  • Meticulous at every level of the process
  • Broad and ever-expanding understanding of complicated banking laws
  • Awareness of bank rules and regulations, related issues and proposed changes
  • Deep understanding of financial transactions and finance law application
  • Knowledgeable about and capable of working within the restraints of possibly conflicting corporate laws and regulations that apply to the matters to be negotiated
  • Ability to handle multiple banking law contracts to address the scope and magnitude of company expansion, merger, acquisition, business formation, and more.
  • Frank and open communication with clients about critical aspects of banking law as it relates to immediate or long-term client goals
  • Readiness to discuss strategies, challenges, and opportunities within the legal team and with the client to achieve the maximum benefit on a project
  • Ability to work with bank staff, regulatory agencies and the courts as needed to achieve the client's goals.

How Our Phoenix AZ Law Firm Can Help You

When you require banking and business attorneys, you are looking for representation that goes beyond a law degree.  You need serious experience in how banking law is applied as well as advanced skill in negotiating contracts, handling conflicting interests, and dealing with regulations.

Wallin Hester lawyers handle everyday matters for businesses and banks, while always staying ready for the next big challenge. Advanced education, valuable work experiences, and true teamwork ensure that our lawyers can handle multi-faceted, difficult matters of banking law.

Our Phoenix area firm was created by two business lawyers with extensive experience in banking law in Arizona, the Southwest region and beyond.  To join us, our associates must have similar experience and focus. Our business lawyers are the type of professionals who get results.

The practice is led by Troy A. Wallin and Chad A. Hester.  These dedicated Gilbert AZ business attorneys have a proven track record as evidenced by good reviews from their many business and banking clients.

Businesses and individuals have learned that they can trust us to represent their interests in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert and Arizona at large.

Our Geographic Reach Extends Well Beyond Arizona

We regularly serve Arizona banking law clients in Phoenix and in Gilbert, where our office is located. Our reach extends further to our Lehi, Utah, office location and Las Vegas office location.  Our lawyers assist with incorporation in Nevada for clients who want to utilize the state's business tax advantages.

If you are doing business in one of our three states, you can count on us to represent your interests. Our practice is recognized as one of the most experienced in Arizona.

Contact Our Banking Law Practice for an Appointment

The Wallin  Hester team has extensive experience in finance law, banking law, contract law, and litigation.  By working hard, our experienced and well-established lawyers have earned the trust of many clients, and we are ready to work hard for you.

We are available for consultation by appointment.  Let’s discuss what our skilled Arizona banking attorneys can do for you.  Call us at 480-240-4150 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. 

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